Protectomat have over twenty years of experience in providing a top quality moulded floor car carpets to suit over three hundred different vehicle models including Ute’s and 4WD’s.  It is this experience that has lead Protectomat to be a market leader in the aftermarket Car Carpet Industry and supplier to the DIY (Do It Yourself) market.

Manufactured from tough premium quality automotive carpet available in a loop and cut pile. All moulded car carpets include a hard wearing driver’s side heel pad for added protection. The carpet come as a two piece split into front and rear. No holes are cut allowing customers with modified cars to fit the carpet accordingly.

Available in Loop Pile and Cut Pile:

Under felt

Also available is carpet under felt. This product will go great with your new moulded carpet, or even with your current one, as it also helps to greatly reduce noise. Another feature of the under felt is that it has brilliant heat absorption properties which both keep your car cooler whilst driving. And when combined with your moulded carpet, it will also help stop wear and tear and increasing the life of your carpet.



Please be advised, all our replacement moulded car carpet range is sold for after-market. We manufacture moulded car carpets in 2 pieces – Front & Rear. Once installed, the front and rear carpets will overlap each other to finish neatly. Please be advised, the width of both the front and rear carpets is limited to 1 metre. We highly recommend purchasing a full set (front and rear) carpet. If you have never fitted a carpet before, we highly recommend you get it fitted by a motor trimmer. Please note all our carpets are made to order. If you require further information,please contact us.


    Protectomat are proud to be a West Australian owned and operated manufacturer, offering premium quality products that utilise the latest in product technology that enables Protectomat to offer lifetime replacement guarantees on the dashmats.